Last Days at Korea University

My time at Korea University is already over. Learning Korean was extremely useful to me, and it was nice taking classes at such a big university. A few weeks ago they had a big concert, Ipselenti, that they hold annually. The students use the occasion to put their cheering on display.

Plastic bags, cheering devices

Honestly, I was shocked at the cheering, at the choreography, the unison…really cool! I can’t upload any of my videos on here, but if you want to see what it looks like live, click here.

Rally around the flag

Sea of red and black

Getting pumped for the World Cup

Devil. Tiger. Korea University.

Forget lighters, it's the cell phone age.

Several bands performed, including Crying Nut and f(x), but I was especially glad to see one of my favorite Korean bands, Leessang, show up.

A few people


Winding things up...

Chinese students I studied with. Oh, and Korea University’s mascot is a tiger.



~ by nathanhendrix on June 19, 2010.

One Response to “Last Days at Korea University”

  1. hi Nathan, I just discovered your blog and the urge of world wide trekking momentarily increases further.

    I’ll read your posts and examine your photos but I’ve noticed you haven’t posted for 5 months, so I hope you won’t let it die out.

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