Hyehwa Benefit Concert

My friends Hyung Ook and Gwon Won organized a benefit concert in Daehangno, my new neighborhood. Proceeds went to providing books for rural schools in Nepal.

Pluck and saw


Gwon Won

Bless You

"You raise me up..."

Those two girls sing in musicals. Great, powerful voices. But as a side note, it’s a bit intimidating going to a noraebang (karaoke room) with them.


This girl has a beautiful voice, and sang a song titled “You’re My Universe”. I liked it so much I went online to find it. Turns out she wrote it herself…I’ll try to get my hands on it and post it sometime.

Center of attention


I’m not the type of person that gets easily surprised or impressed (understatement?). But the following act really did blow me away. This little girl can play the saxophone. Very well. They introduced her in Korean, so I couldn’t catch everything…but from what I understood she has serious health problems, and is nearly blind. She can’t read music, so just listens and replicates.

Amazing. Truly.


Gwon Won’s daughters performed in the finale. Very cute, and talented.

A good team

It also happened to be her birthday:


Then we were off to the after-party.


Good times

One not-so-funny thing was when everybody started clapping and chanting my name to sing John Denver’s Country Roads. I’m more than cool singing that in the noraebang. Not so much in front of singers and so many people. Thanks Nick. Payback time.

Please don't stop the music...



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