Paella in Seoul

Here’s the story. My Korean friend found a lost Spaniard on a bus in Seoul. The Spaniard is a cook in Tokyo, and was on a quick visa run to Korea. My Korean friend put me in touch with the Spaniard, and in turn, I got in touch with my friend who runs a restaurant/bar. We decided we’d have a Spanish cuisine night at the Korean restaurant. Here are those pictures.

Getting things ready

Cooks in action

The menu: Spanish tortilla, mejillones (mussels) and paella. I was too busy eating to take shots of every dish, but it sure was a good meal…even more so since it had been a few years since I’d had paella.


The Spaniard, Cook Extraordinaire

Gwon Won, restaurant owner.

Working on the paella

Incidentally, the only Spanish person I know in Korea happens to be from the same little town in Andalusia as the cook.

Andalusia 친구

Paella in Korea, a first.

Here’s another story. This made me realize how much my Spanish sucks now. The End.


~ by nathanhendrix on January 30, 2010.

3 Responses to “Paella in Seoul”

  1. Well, dude, you probably don’t practice the Español too much. I’m glad you keep blogging. Pretty awesome stuff.

  2. great man!!! next goal should be a bouchon meal…salade de chévre, andouillette et gratin, vin, cervelle de canut, tarte tatin!!! (I don’t translate to don’t afraid people :p)
    J’espere qu’on se verra bientot au stae, corée, mexique, france….

  3. Thanks Denton! Syl…moi je veux bien un repas francais! Ammenes donc les ingredients!!!

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