Kim Gun Mo Concert (김건모, 채연, 박미경…)

My friend Alex called me, telling me he had some free tickets to a Kim Gun Mo concert. I didn’t have any plans that particular Sunday, so decided to go along. Little did I know how famous he was, or that he would be the one giving us the free tickets.

Here’s one of his most famous songs, Wrongful Meeting (잘못된 만남), dating back to ’95.

김건모. Live.



Ray Charles?

Balloon, lights.

Obligatory dancers.


Chae Yeon also performed at the concert. As Brian puts it, “she’s old—30, or 210 in Korean years” (actually 32 now). But she’s still very pretty. I hear this song of hers at the gym just about every time I go. Two of Us and Shake are two other songs of hers that I know. And yes, K-Pop is very catchy and addicting.




Park Mi Gyung was also in the line-up, and I was impressed by her powerful voice. Listen to one of her famous songs here (a bit old school).

박미경, powerful voice.

Little Toy Soldier

A lot of fans had fluorescent batons.


This guy amazed me. He came on stage dressed in a glowing Santa suit, with a huge green laser gun.

Laser gun

Confetti rain

The End.

Video of the laser guy, and the final song here.


~ by nathanhendrix on December 20, 2009.

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