Goodbye Sooseong, hello …?

So I suddenly stopped being an elementary school teacher a few weeks ago. Better job options are on the horizon…but teaching/mentoring kids for a couple of years and not being able to say goodbye is a bit tough. Here’s to them, and to their bright futures:

Harry crashing Sally's photo op.

No, I didn't teach special ed.

Maybe that's Luke's jack-o'-lantern face.

Mark's got the smile down...the cup on his ear, not so much.

"Am I doing this right?"

Angry eyes hiding her smile.

Jen. Never had a pencil. But did smile a lot.

Every class has its Cindy.

And the Linas that redeem the Cindys.

Placement is everything.

The spider rings were a hit.

Princess...but a great one.

Hmm, spiders! Better than silkworm pupae?

Lindsey. "Bless her heart".

Jerry. Future GQ model.

2. Peace. Victory. Kimchi. Cheese.

Mickey, big boy.

E Class. Girls ruled it.


~ by nathanhendrix on December 8, 2009.

One Response to “Goodbye Sooseong, hello …?”

  1. Great 사진!!

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