Hongdae Street Art

Hongik University is arguably the best art school in Korea, and its influence can be witnessed in the surrounding area’s street art.

If you care for music, here is some Drunken Tiger (English site).



I do too...

Only one thing?

Dee dee da

Handmade Love


Two Worlds

If you say so...


Dimz vs. Mop

Beached whale

Sex Stop Tears

Cheer Up...No.

Out of control

Big Brother

First and third generation

3D Coffee

Breakfast is served.

Go Away Mr. President!!!

A bad day at work...

Kiss x2


The poor and the rich

Keeping an eye on him

Freedom of expression

Honestly, I don't dude.

Scratch It

Kimchi pot mailbox

This one's not meant for 보신탕...


Respect All Korean Writers


~ by nathanhendrix on November 25, 2009.

4 Responses to “Hongdae Street Art”

  1. really creative, energy, unique. i like these a lot. can’t be replaced with anything else. 🙂 well done nathan!

  2. i always walk around the area but only remember seeing one, the poor and the rich. (like the title)

  3. wow. very nice collection of Hongdae’s street art. Thank you for sharing. Hongdae is such an interesting place! I wonder if some of these street arts are done by the students of Hongik University?

  4. Awesome eye! These are really interesting!

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