Mareywana and audible drugs

During my habitual morning blog reading this week, I came across a post by Roboseyo that really cracked me up.

So there’s this movie out called Marley and Me, with Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston. Well, there’s only one letter in the Korean alphabet for both Rs and Ls. Also, one way of saying “and” in Korean is “wa” (와). Finally, “me” in Korean is “na”. Put those three things together and what you’ve got is “mareywana” (말리와나) …..  or “marijuana”.



Now I know Korea is very strict on drug usage, and very few Koreans have smoked pot or know much about it. But still… could it be possible that nobody involved in the translation process realized that the title of the movie sounds exactly the same as one of the world’s most used drugs?

I prefer to think that some people are really chuckling at the stunt they pulled.

Personally, that movie doesn’t seem all that interesting…but it might be worth it just to go up to the ticket counter and say “One marijuana please”. I know I’d be the only one laughing…but hey, I do that quite often as a teacher.

And while we’re talking about drugs, I recently came across a newspaper article entitled ” ‘Audible Drugs’ Spreading” and it peaked my curiosity. I had never heard of “audible drugs”, or “I-Dosers”. What I discovered is that they are MP3 files, and users claim that these tracks can produce similar effects to actual drugs such as ecstasy, crystal meth or opium.

Now I don’t know what it feels like to be high on crystal meth, morphine or LSD. But I seriously doubt that listening to an audio track for several minutes could produce such feelings.

I’ve read dozens of comments by people who have tried these audible drugs, and some swear they work. Others complain that they give severe headaches, or have absolutely no effect.

My favorite comment comes straight from the discussion board below the Korea Times article: “the only place audible drugs are spreading and doing mental damage is through the K/T newsroom.”


~ by nathanhendrix on February 26, 2009.

One Response to “Mareywana and audible drugs”

  1. haha interesting insight..i really wanna try the part that “One marijuana please”. what’s more, it would be better if it’s a group viewing.

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